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Benjamin Billingham Son of John and Pheobe Billingham Born 1811-1895.

Joseph Billingham Son of Emmanuel Billingham born 1813.

Benjamin Billingham Son of Emmanuel Billingham

Emmanuel Billingham born 1751

Soloman Billingham Emmanuels Son

Reuben Billingham Solomans Son

Alfred Billingham Reubens Son



The Billinghams of Cradley


Updated February 2006

Roy Billinghams Family Line.

This Branch of the family starts with William Billingham 1800-1888.

William Billingham born 1800 at Saltwells, Quarry Bank. Died 27-6-1888. Williams occupation was a Horse-Nail Maker.

William married Maria Johnson at St. Thomas Dudley on the 26 -12 -1825. Maria was born 1804 and Died 12-1-1870 at Saltwell Coppice.

William and Maria had Nine Children.

Aaron Billingham born 1826. Married Caroline Homer in 1846.

Nancy Billingham born 1828. Married William Homer in 1847.

William Billingham born 1833. Occupation Chainmaker married at Dudley parish Church to Ann Perkes who was born 1827. They had a son Arthur born 28-7-1858.

Mary Ann Billingham born 30-8-1840 at Saltwells Quarry Bank. She married at Old Swinford Church on 28-8-1859 to William Cartright a Coal Miner aged 23 years. Williams father was also a miner. They had two children, Thomas born 5-12-1859. and Mary Ann born 17-1-1863. After her father William Billingham was widowed he went to live with William and Mary Ann Cartwright at Oak St .

Sarah Ann Billingham. born 1-8-1842 at Saltwells. Quarry Bank.

Benjamin Billingham born 24-12-1846 at Saltwells Quarry Bank.

Edward Billingham 1835-1894.

Edwards occupation was a "Puddler" he married Elizabeth Preston at the parish church of St Thomas Dudley on the 26-12-1858. Edward and Mary both died 1894 at 9 Mill St a Clothiers Shop. They had nine children as follows;

No1. Frederick John Billingham born 19-6-1859 at Merry Hill. Occupation Blacksmith.

No2. Mary Billingham born 27-10-1860 at Quarry Bank, she died between 1866 and 1881.

No3. Sarah Ann Billingham born 30-4-1862 at Merry Hill.

No4. Benjamin Billingham. born 31-3-1864 at Merry Hill. Occupation Black smith. Married Eliza Mansell at St Thomas Dudley on the 24-12-1883. He emigrated to the USA ( Pittsburgh) in 1886 / 1888 with Eliza and their two children Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Martha Maria (Mattie). They had five more children born in the USA.

Benjamin died 9-2-1928 at Pittsburgh Mars County and was buried at Allegheny cemetery Pittsburgh, Eliza died Pittsburgh 17-5-1943.

No 5. Martha Maria Billingham. born 16-10-1867 at Merry Hill. Married Montgomery Dunn age 24 years occupation Carter on the 1-10-1889 at St Michaels Brierley Hill, they had two children Amos Billingham born 21-4-1890 at High St Quarry Bank and Charlotte Billingham born 15-5-1897 at the same address.

Martha Maria Dunn. Died 25-3-1901 at 220 High St Quarry Bank.

No6. William Billingham born 11-8-1871 at Merry Hill. William is believed to have emigrated to the USA where he was killed in an industrial accident involving a crane.

No 7. George Billingham born 7-5-1873 at Merry Hill. Died within 15 hours.

No 9. James Henry Billingham born 31-12-1877 at Merry Hill. Occupation housepainter. Married Annie Westwood about 1896. At the parish Church Reddall Hill. They had 2 children,

Joseph Billingham born 24-6-1899. Died 18-10-1899.Buried at Key Hill Birmingham.

Annie Billingham born 9-9-1900. Died 24-2-1902. Buried at Warstone Lane Birmingham.

At some stage James and Annie emigrated to the USA, she returned to England.

No 8. Edward Billingham. born 6-7-1874 at Merry Hill. Occupation Carter, Married Clara Louisa Staite on the 26-8-1894 at St Michaels Brierley Hill. Edward died on the 3-1-1945 at West Smethwick.( Roys Grandfather). Clara died 12-5-1962 at Edgbaston. Edward and Clara had 4 children.

Blanche Elizabeth Billingham (Price).

Norah Evelyn Billingham (Russell).

Dorothy Ethel (Murphy).Still alive age 91years and living at Alverchurch.

George Edward Billingham. (Roys Father) born 31-5-1898 at Delph Brierley Hill Occupation Accounts Clerk. Married 24-1-1925 to Gladys Violet Court, born 3-11-1904 at St Pauls Parish Church West Smethwick.

They had two Children.

Edward George Billingham. born 6-11-1925. Served in the RN.(F.A.A) during W.W.11. on Russian convoys. Married Maureen Bowell on 2-3-1957 at the Old Church, West Bromwich. They have 2 children, Stephen Bruce and Ruth Cheryl.

Roy John Billingham. born 8-7-1934. Educated at K.E.G.S; Aston.

Married Gillian Margaret Walker at St Peters Sutton Coldfield on 1-6-1963.

They have a son Richard Alistair who is married to Sara Helen they have a son Daniel Paul and a daughter Elizabeth May.

Many thanks to Roy Billingham for the information on this page.

Roy and I would also like to say thank you to Velda Hampton for all her research for without it this page would not have been possible.