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Benjamin Billingham Son of John and Pheobe Billingham Born 1811-1895.

Joseph Billingham Son of Emmanuel Billingham born 1813.

Benjamin Billingham Son of Emmanuel Billingham

Emmanuel Billingham born 1751

Soloman Billingham Emmanuels Son

Reuben Billingham Solomans Son

Alfred Billingham Reubens Son



The Billinghams of Cradley


Updated February 2006

The Family Tree of John & Denice Marschall.

This Billingham tree goes all the way back to Lot Billingham born 1751.

I am sure we are going to find many more links like this one. Thankyou to John and Denice Marschall for their kind help.


Lot Billingham born 1751 at Brierley Hill England, Died 3-9-1809. Married Sabra born 1748 at Brierley Hill.

Their Children.

1. Thomas Billingham Christened 22-10-1775 at Kingswinford . Married 15-5-1799 to Hannah Insley at Kingswinford.

2. James Billingham born 1779, Christened 26-12-1789 at Brierley Hill, Died 12-4-1836 at Brierley Hill. Married 2-6-1800 to Sarah Davies (1780-1824)at Kingswinford.

3. Fanny Billingham. Christened 31-1-1786 at Brierley Hill.

4. William Billingham. Christened 2-6-1789 at Brierley Hill. Died Brierley 28-10-1792.


Number 2 child James Billingham who married Sarah Davies, Sarah died 1824.

Their Children.

1. William Billingham Christened at Brierley Hill on the 18-6-1802 died 27-6-1888. Married Maria Johnson on the 26-12-1825 at Dudley.

2. James Billingham Christened 15-8-1803 at Park Lane Cradley.Died 12-12-1889 at Quarry Bank.

3. Fanny Billingham. Christened at Park Lane Cradley 28-7-1805. Married Josiah Barnsley 3-3-1826 at Kingswinford.

4. Alexander Billingham. Christened 18-1-1807 at Brierley Hill. Married Sebray Mansell on the 22-9-1828 at Kingswinford.

5. Lot Billingham. Christened 25-8-1808 at Park Lane Cradley. Died 18-4-1832 at Brierley Hill.

6. Sebra Billingham Christened 27-9-1810 at Park Lane Cradley. Died 26-1-1823 at Brierley Hill.

7. Sylvia Billingham Christened 2-6-1812 at Park Lane Cradley. Married William Bennett 24-7-1827 at Dudley.

8. Edward Billingham Christened 17-4-1814 at Park Lane Cradley. Died Brierley Hill 11-9-1844.

9. Matthew Billingham. Christened 22-4-1821 at Old Swinford. Died before 1880. Married to Susanna Badger on 27-2-1842 at Kingswinford.


Number 9 Child Matthew Billingham who married Susanna Bedger born 1820 Father John Badger.

Their Children.

1. Susannah Billingham Christened 22-9-1842 at Stambermill.

2. George Billingham Christened 1-3-1846 at Quarry Bank. Married Elizabeth ???

3. David Billingham Christened 16-10-1847 at Quarry Bank.

4. Albert Billingham. born 28-3-1851 at Quarry Bank, Died 18-2-1931 at Stamford Fairfield County Connecticut USA. Married Ann Maria Yardley born 22-4-1853 in England died 3-1-1925 in Stamford Fairfield County USA. Father was Joseph Yardley Mother was Fannie Kendrick.

5. Roland Billingham. born 25-12-1852 at Quarry Bank. Married Elizabeth Clarkson 19-11-1874 England.

6. Frank Billingham Christened 11-12-1854 at Quarry Bank. Married Sarah Ann Lawley.

7. Lucy Hannah Billingham. Christened 29-12-1856 at Quarry Bank. Married William Oliphant.

8. Clara Billingham. born 31-7-1862 Quarry Bank England.


Albert Billingham Child Number 4 born 28-3-1851 at Quarry Bank. Who married Ann Maria Yardley.

Their Children.

1. Clara Billingham. born 17-11-1872 at Trenton Mercer County New Jersey USA. Died 2-12-1970 at Stamford, Connecticut Fairfield County, USA. Married Frederick Marschall 8-10-1893 at Stamford Connecticut Fairfield County.

This is the point of connection between the Marschalls and the Billinghams .

2. Edith Billingham born 30-8-1874 at Trenton. Died 15-3-1976 at Madison New Jersey USA. Married George Robert Reinhold Hertzberg.

3. Cornelia Billingham. born 4-7-1876 at Trenton. Died Jan. 1969 at Connecticut. She was married to William Hoyt.

4. Berty Billingham born Trenton 29-7-1878 died Trenton 29-7-1878.

5. Susanna Billingham. born July 1879 at Trenton Died August 1880 at Trenton.

6. Albert Billingham born 23-6-1881 at Trenton died 11-4-1883 at Trenton.

7. Jane Billingham born 5-10-1883 at Philadelphia, died 13-2-1946 at St Bernardino California, buried 16-2-1946 at St Bernardino California. Married to Archibald Donaldson.

8. Maria Billingham born August 1886 at Philidelphia died December 1886 at Philidelphia.

9. Margaret Billingham born 30-11-1891 at Philidelphia died 1-12-1891 at Philidelphia.

10. Gwendolyn Billingham. born 16-12-1894 at Philidelphia died 10-5-1927 at Stamford married to Edwin Sutton.