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Benjamin Billingham Son of John and Pheobe Billingham Born 1811-1895.

Joseph Billingham Son of Emmanuel Billingham born 1813.

Benjamin Billingham Son of Emmanuel Billingham

Emmanuel Billingham born 1751

Soloman Billingham Emmanuels Son

Reuben Billingham Solomans Son

Alfred Billingham Reubens Son



The Billinghams of Cradley


Updated February 2006

Gary Billinghams Family Line

Joseph Billingham

May have been the son of Gideon and Lucy nee Bagnall married 1776.

Born 1779 Married Anne Edwards 21-5-1799.Old Swinsford.

Also on this day Sylvia Billingham married John Edwards.At Old Swinford.

Witness for both marriages, Thomas and Sarah Elisabeth Was this a double Marriage?


Joseph and Anne Billinghams 8 Children.

James born 1800 Died 1800.

Lucy born 1801 died 1805.

Joseph Edward born 1804 died 1805.

James born 1805. Married. 1-9-1826 at kingswinford.To Mary Shaw.

Joseph born 1807-1876. Married Kitty Barnsley born 1807-1863

This is the Joseph who founded the Cradley chainmaking company Joseph Billingham Ltd

Lucy born 1809.

Edward born 1816-1869.Married 24-4-1836. At Oldswinford. To Mary Ann Edmunds born 1823. Marriage witness John Billingham.Who was this John Billingham? Could it have been Grandfather?


John born 1818 at Kingswinsford Died 1883 at Cradley Heath. Married Maria Woodhouse born 1816 Cradley. Died 1901 Cradley Heath.

John was the brother to Joseph Billingham who set up the chainmaking company in Cradley called Joseph Billingham Ltd. Which traded till the late1880s

John and Maria Billinghams 9 Children.

William Billingham born Cradley 1838. married Lucy Priest in 1866.

Ann Billingham born Cradley 1840.

John Billingham born Cradley 1849.Died 185?

Simeon Billingham born Cradley 1850. Died 185?

Rebecca Billingham born Cradley 1852. Married 1876 to William Cook.

Isaac Billingham born Cradley 1852. Died 1929. Married 1872 to Ann?

Albert Billingham born Cradley 1854.

Samuel Billingham born Cradley 1856.

Joseph Billingham born Cradley 1842. Died Salford Manchester 1911. Married 1864 at Netherton to Matilda Fletcher. born 1842 Dudley. Died 1916 Salford Manchester.

Their 4 Children.

William Billingham born 1868 at Gainsborough. Died 1951 at Barton. Married Rachel Ann?

Photograph of William 1868-1951


Alice Billingham born 1871 at Salford Manchester.

Matilda Billingham born. 1873 Salford. Died 1925 Salford. Married Robert Roper.

John Billingham born 1866 at Gainsborough.Died 1911 at Preston.

Photograph of John 1899-1911

Married at Lancaster 1894 to Mary Ann Wearing. born 1867 at Lancaster.Died 1906 Lancaster. Their 6 children as follows.

Joseph Billingham born 1894. at Lancaster.Died 1958. Married May?

John Wilfred Billingham born 1892 at Hong Kong Died at Barton Manchester 1952. Married Alice Roper who may have been his cousin, Alice was daughter of Robert Roper and Matilda Billingham.

Frank Billingham born 1903 at Lancaster. Died 1959 at Dove. Married Gert?

Marion Lilian born 1905 at Lancaster. Died 1974 Preston.

Harry Billingham born 1906 at Lancaster. Died 1907 Salford.

Reginald Billingham. born at Lancaster 1899. Died 1961 Salford. Married at Salford in 1921 to Elsie Brennan. born 1898. Died 1960 Salford.

... .................

..Reginald Billingham 1899-1961 ..................... Elsie Brennan 1898- 1960

Their 3 Children.

Doris Billingham born Salford 1922.

Stan Billingham born Salford 1934. Died Perth Australia 1998.

Colin Billingham born Salford 1932. Married 1955 to Betty Freeman born 1933 Salford.

Their 2 Children

Neil Billingham born 1962 Salford.

Gary Billingham born 1959 at Bury. Married 1964 at Belfast Lisa Kay Hutchinson. born 1964.

Gary Billinghanm has supplied all of the above information, this is what this site needs if we are to leave our Billingham heritage for our children and grandchildren to read then please follow Garys footsteps and send in your information.